My name is David, and I am a 26 years old Big Data Engineer. Born and raised in Madrid, Spain. I hold an MSc in Computer Science and Technology, and a BSc in Computer Science and Engineering, both from University Carlos III of Madrid. Currently living in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Passionate about computers since I was a child. Mainly interested in Big Data and Software Development.

Currently part of the Xomnia Junior Development program. Working at the Advanced Analytics Team of Van Lanschot Kempen, a dutch independent financial institution. At this position, I support Data Scientists to put their models in production, make data available for consumption, and building BI dashboards. Azure, Data Factory, SQL, Databricks, Python, Spark, and Power BI, are some of the technologies I work with.

Before finding out my passion for data, I have participated in different projects and roles where I faced different challenges and I acquired experience in Software Engineering, Interaction Design, Augmented Reality, Business Intelligence, Academic Research, and Teaching. All of this, together to self-studying, contributed to getting a very broad vision of the whole IT life-cycle and the corporate world.

During my spare time, I like to read comics, go to hard-rock concerts, travel around, practice sport, watch TV-series, and play video-games.


If you want to see a document that summarizes my skills and what I have done so far, here you have my CV. If you also want to know the story behind it, just keep reading!

The story behind it

My beginnings

Born in Madrid (Spain) in 1993. I grew up there, in a working-class neighbourhood called Carabanchel, settled in the southern part of the city. I went to public schools surrounded by people of many different cultures, and economic situations, where growing up in a good direction wasn’t specially easy.

I was lucky, and since I was a child I had very clear that I wanted to work with computers. It was something that fascinated me, and I expended a lot of hours playing video-games and figuring out how to play them for free (yes, I was a bit of a pirate). The rest of my spare time I was busy training judo and competing. I even got the black-belt! Thanks to this I shared lots of days with elite judokas who teach me the meaning of being constant and perseverant for reaching a goal.

BSc in Computer Science and Engineering

In September 2011, I started a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering and I had my first contact with programming. After four years of hard-studying hidden in a bunker, and working as a judo teacher in schools, I finished all the program’s courses. Moreover, since a friend of mine was working as a cloud system administrator, that summer I decided to join a free on-site training course about Cloud Computing with Oracle Solaris of 185 hours, where I learned how to use a Unix terminal properly, and the basics about cloud computing and systems administration. After that, I felt ready for staring my first job.

First working experience in IT

In summer 2015, I had my first working experience in the Software world. It was an internship (full-time) as a Business Intelligence Developer in a consultant company called Open Sistemas settled in the north of Madrid. There I had my first contact with ETLs, I started to see SQL databases with other eyes (I used to hate them), and I worked with Pentaho, Linux systems, and web technologies. It was a really nice experience where I worked with great people and I learned a lot. I even had the chance to attend meetings with clients and participating in really interesting projects.

Working with Augmented Reality at University Carlos III

By that time, I was also working (during my spare time) in the thesis of my degree. It consisted of an Android application helping people with no technical knowledge to create Augmented Reality experiences, mainly focused on cultural spaces and art galleries.

Because of that work, in December 2015, my thesis director asked me to join the HCI research team of my university, and I gladly accepted it. It was a great opportunity to work with the technology that used to dream about. So I started working there as a Research and Support Engineer involved in designing and developing various prototypes related to Augmented and Virtual Reality.

Scolarship for studying a MSc in Computer Science and being professor

After more than half a year working there, my professors gave me the chance of getting a scholarship for studying a master’s degree focused on academic research, and after thinking about it, I accepted it. As a result of this scholarship, I got a monthly salary and all the master’s program fully paid. Therefore, in October 2017, I started the Master’s program, and working half-part time as a Researcher and Teaching Assistant. As a duty, I had to do some research about the use of Augmented Reality in education, and teach programming to students of the Mechanical Engineering degree. Thanks to that I had the opportunity to explore my creativity, see the academic research world from inside, and experience how been a university professor feels like (I even had my own office-room!). By this time I also considered to be an entrepreneur by launching a mobile application, but I realized I wasn’t prepared for that.

First steps on Big Data

After finishing my Master’s degree, by the end of 2017, my professors asked me to join a Ph.D. program, but I decided that academic research wasn’t made for me, and I decided to move on. By that time I felt working with data very attractive, and more if you do so with huge datasets requiring clusters to be computed. Because of that, I decided to enroll me an on-site training course about Big Data Development using Spark and Hadoop. During two intensive months, I really enjoyed learning a lot about these technologies and tools, and I realized that I would really like to do a career using them.

Moving to the Netherlands: Time for improving my English

Then decisions had to be made. I had finished my studies and I had to really start my professional career, but I still had a pendant subject to solve, learning English. So I decided that the best way to do so was to moving abroad. After a while considering the idea of moving to the UK by paying an intensive English course, I got an offer for working in The Netherlands!!

In April 2018, I landed in Eindhoven and I started working at ENTER BV, a consultant company that places engineers in High Tech companies based in the area.

After a while, I was assigned to a project as a C# developer and Interaction Designer at Philips Research!!! It was a really exciting project that had the idea of revolting the way data is collected and reused in the healthcare domain. There I designed and programmed some widgets for the platform they were building. Moreover, I had to understand the healthcare field and work alongside clinicians to shape their requirements and lazy ideas into a concept that could be actually implemented. I even had the opportunity to present this concept in front of more than fifteen people from the research department of Philips! I really enjoyed working there, but unfortunately, due to budget issues, they couldn’t renew my contract and I had to leave the project at the end of 2018.

Later on, I was assigned to a short-time project in a company called VerAutomation, placed in a lost town close to Tilburg, to work as a Full Stack Web Developer. There I had to fix some bugs and add new features of an hours registration system by working with ASP.NET and SQL.

After a year living in Eindhoven, I reached the goal I wanted to reach. I felt so much confident with my English and I had got some professional experience abroad, demonstrating I am able to work in international companies.

Goals reached, Big Data hits again

Because I wasn’t really enjoying what I was doing by that time, it was time to think, set new goals, and trace a plan. After all my previous experiences I had the chance of trying out very different fields, discard what I don’t like to do, and understanding what I actually do like.

As a result, I decided I wanted to become a Big Data Engineer, so I had to find a new job.

Big Data Engineer Development Program at Xomnia

After a couple of months of self-learning and searching, I found a new job at Xomnia. A young consultant company focused on Data Science and Big Data Engineering that offers a Junior Development program to train young talents with some experience in IT to become Big Data Engineers while working on a client. In my case, after a couple of months of learning and practicing with new cool technologies like Docker and Kubernetes, I found a client, Van Lanschot Kempen, a dutch independent financial institution. There I have the opportunity to work together to Data Scientists supporting their work, making data available for consumption, and building BI dashboards. Azure, Data Factory, SQL, Databricks, Python, Spark, and Power BI, are some of the technologies I work with.

But not everything in this life is work, isn’t it?

Here you have a few pictures of what I like to do the most in my spare time.